Revolutionizing Modular Construction

Advanced Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Needs – Delivered Efficiently and Reliably


Valor Mission Critical specializes in the innovative design and construction of modular structures for critical infrastructure with a combination of state-of-the-art technology and deep industry expertise. Our team excels in delivering tailored solutions that meet exacting standards for data centers, healthcare facilities, and renewable energy projects.

Dynamic Power Module

  • Versatile expansion from 8'6" to 19'6" upon arrival

  • Customizable for a wide range of applications

  • Revolutionary design reduces module needs by 40%

The Dynamic Power Module is a modular unit designed for flexibility and expansion. It features telescoping racks that allow the module to expand in size upon arrival at the installation site. Initially fitting onto a standard flatbed truck, it can extend significantly, making it highly adaptable to different site requirements.

Valor Fringe Model

  • Optimized design to minimize lead times without sacrificing performance.

  • Most competitive cost per megawatt in the market.

  • Flexible topology support

The Valor Fringe Module focuses on rapid deployment and scalability. It's designed to eliminate lead time constraints and is highly cost-effective in terms of dollars per megawatt. The VFM is adaptable to various topologies and can integrate sustainable energy sources like wind and solar.

Building Blocks System

  • Scalable and cost-effective as one block or many

  • Construction cost and cycle time reduction by 30-60%

  • Eliminates unused space with modular design

The VBB system is a modular construction solution that allows for flexible and scalable building. It can be deployed in smaller or larger packages based on current needs, enabling expansion at the client's pace. This system helps in keeping initial costs down and reduces the time needed to scale.

Our Valor Guarantee

We stand behind the excellence of our work and the timeliness of our delivery. We guarantee that all projects will meet or exceed industry quality standards and be completed within the agreed-upon timeline. We are dedicated on delivering top-tier, reliable solutions on schedule, every time.

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